Datwyler’s new "ICT Networks" catalogue is here

Nov 27, 2012

Datwyler’s new "ICT Networks" catalogue appeared a few days ago. The 380 pages of this completely revised version of the catalogue provide a detailed overview of the current product range and new developments in the fields of copper and fibre optic technology, data cabinets, data centres, wireless and multimedia. This means that it covers all the products and solutions which Datwyler previously combined under "data technology" - except for FTTx solutions, which already have a catalogue of their own.

The "ICT Networks" catalogue, which is available in English and German, incorporates not only all the data sheets but also product overviews, selection aids and checklists. In addition there is a lot of useful information on the subject of data technology and a register of all article numbers.

The new catalogue is available as a PDF file to download from the Company home page. Any Datwyler branch office will be happy to take orders for the printed version.