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Data from machine to edge & cloud

The way towards optimising production processes

These days everyone is talking about making better use of the condition data and process data from plant and machinery which are present (but not always evaluable) in every business – not least because it appears to be very promising in terms of increased productivity and cost reduction.

From the operators’ perspective this provides a wide range of possible applications and opportunities. For example, a lot of waste can be avoided. Predictive maintenance also gives financial benefits. This and other use cases have one thing in common: they posit the reliable and often very rapid provision and evaluation of machine data.

It is easy to see the benefit to those operating a pool of machinery or equipment. But what are the “sticking points” in implementation? What key aspects are there to consider? The following four aspects can be mentioned here: connecting the machines to a data network; designing the company’s in-house network and data centre infrastructure for these business or company-critical applications; deciding on Edge or Cloud-based data processing; and finally, analysing and interpreting the data to give the desired process improvement …

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Datwyler TALK on YouTube: Data Mining through machine to cloud connection