Fibre optics

Fibre broadband expansion

Infrastructure for telecom companies

New network generation meeting the highest requirements
In the past, network operators thought very carefully about where specifically it made economic sense to expand their networks with fibre optics. Some years ago, there was lively discussion worldwide whether and when fibre optics might even be installed in homes. Today, the only question is when the old copper networks will be replaced by modern fibre optic networks. Many network operators have already started replacing them.

Almost daily, new ICT innovations requiring more and more bandwidth come onto the market. Popular online offerings such as movies, music and games can be played on more and more end user devices. Triple Play is already reality. This massively increases broadband demand. The main drivers are video applications, such as the online portal YouTube and high-definition television (HDTV). Additional drivers for more bandwidth are Voice over IP (VoIP), the transformed telephone market, video on demand and the increased desire of employees to work at home.

Unlimited bandwidth is thus no longer demanded only by a number of companies: It has also become an important need of private consumers. And so, in addition to a good transportation infrastructure and attractive quality of life, fast networks represent an important argument for cities and municipalities in promoting their locations.