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Code of conduct

Clear guidelines for growing standards
100 years of innovation for the benefit of our customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders – that is the hallmark of the Datwyler group of companies.

In recent years, Datwyler IT Infra – since January 2013 operating as a private sister company of the publicly listed Datwyler Group while remaining under the common umbrella of Pema Holding in Altdorf (Canton Uri) – has grown into an international enterprise with global production, engineering and sales facilities. Building on our strong roots, we have developed our own style with high standards and unique values.

For us as an international company, it is extremely important to lay down binding standards of conduct expected by us, to regularly communicate them, to provide the necessary training, and to take appropriate disciplinary action in the event of any violations.

We are confident that everyone who works for Datwyler will adhere to the highest standards of ethical behaviour. If any unclear situations arise in day-to-day business activities, this Code of Conduct will provide practical guidance.