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High-performance and reliable communication networks – wired as well as wireless – are crucial to realizing programs like “Industry 4.0” and “Industrial Internet”, as well as the adoption of IoT (“Internet of Things”) technology for industrial “Smart Factory” applications.

Datwyler offer a wide range of future-proof products for manufacturing environments. Whether you are looking for industrial grade control cables, data networks or WiFi arrays, we have a solution to meet your demands.

Our specialized high performance cabling systems provide superior physical and electrical protection – improving process efficiency. Datwyler´s PUR and antimicrobial “clean room qualified” cables, bio-oil-resistant and microbial resistant cables, and IP rated outlets are designed to withstand the physical demands of a manufacturing environment – preventing cabling deterioration, ensuring transmission integrity and maintaining efficient operations

The superior braid coverage on our screened cabling Systems (for data networks, control systems and robotics) and fibre optic cabling prevent signal corruption from EMI – decreasing error messages and improving process efficiency and productivity.

Reliable, high performance industrial grade cabling systems reduce your maintenance costs, provide headroom for new applications and protect your long-term investment.

Our range of solutions:

  • PUR & antimicrobial clean room qualified cables
  • Industrial Ethernet IP67 connectivity
  • Wash-down outlets & enclosures
  • PoE+/4PPoE “Intelligent Building” cabling
  • IP rated cabinets and enclosures
  • Containerised modular data centres & disaster recovery
  • Fire safety cables and accessories