Data centres
Data centres

Enterprise data centres

Fullfilling all requirements

Fulfilling all requirements

The nerve centre of your company

The data centre is the nerve centre of a company. Your business-critical data, applications and systems must be available at all times so that your business processes run smoothly. At the same time, your data centre should be as easy as possible to manage, allow modular expansion and modernisation when required and be energy-efficient in operation.

You can only meet these requirements with a carefully planned and sophisticated electromechnanical and IT infrastructure.

Product solutions

Product Solutions

Discover a suite of precision solutions tailored for your needs. From reliable power supply and fire protection systems to cutting-edge monitoring and access control, we provide high-speed communication cabling, IT racks, interior fittings, and mobile data centres. Elevate your infrastructure with our comprehensive offerings.

Titelbild DC Services

Professional Services

Our services cover all technical and site-based measures which ensure successful project development and trouble-free operation of your data centre.

  • Audit and validation
  • Design
  • Assessments
  • Project management and control
  • SLA Management
  • Tests and reports

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