Datwyler IT Infra

Datwyler IT Infra is an international company with headquarters in Switzerland and affiliates in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Datwyler enables organisations around the world to run their IT/OT infrastructure seamlessly and scale their business with ease.

The well-established company operates on the market as a provider of innovative system solutions, products and services for data centres, fibre networks and intelligent buildings, as well as acting as a subcontractor or general contractor covering the entire value-added chain. This is founded on Datwyler’s substantial expertise in the development and manufacture of the requisite products and solutions, the company’s project experience, global presence and internationally established partner network.

Datwyler IT Infra was founded in 1915 and employs a workforce of around 1000 around the world.

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Successful digitalization starts with Datwyler’s pioneering IT infrastructure.

The amount of data required, produced and processed increases exponentially.

To harness the opportunities of digitalization, organizations must rely on a smart and strategic IT/OT infrastructure.

DATWYLER is a global player that helps organizations stay at the forefront of progress, elevating their core business with a state-of-the-art IT/OT infrastructure. Built on the best of two worlds: the top quality of a certified Swiss brand and the leading expertise of an internationally present team.

We bring a one-stop service to your doorstep, giving you direct access to the latest in technology and developing your infrastructure in line with your needs so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business and bringing value to people’s lives.

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Growing a company
Skip Milestones

Adolf Dätwyler founded the company and began producing electrical conductors using aluminium.

Adolf Dätwyler

The production of telephone cables began


The production of high-frequency cables began.


Kaved Ltd. was acquired. The value chain was extended by adding cable harnessing. Datwyler produced the first flat cable for lifts with up to 400 metre shaft height.


The production of fibre optic cables began.


“Uninet“ (today: “Datwyler CU“) data cables and the future-proof concept for structured building cabling were introduced


Datwyler safety cable became the first fire safety cable in the world to successfully pass E90 testing as per DIN 4102-12

1991 safety cable

International expansion: Datwyler entered the Chinese market


Optofil Safety (today: “Datwyler FO Universal … Safety”) became the first metal-free fibre optic cable with E30 circuit integrity as per DIN 4102-12


Datwyler significantly expanded its international distribution network, e.g. in Eastern Europe and the Middle East


Datwyler introduced pre-assembled trunk (multiple) cables and high-density systems that specifically address the demand for efficient data centre cabling


Datwyler started to offer complete turnkey solutions for data networks, data centres and FTTx networks


Datwyler became full service general contractor for several FTTx projects in Switzerland. Introduction of FTTH special cables and wall outlets

2010 FTT Hcable

Datwyler opened a branch in Dubai


Introduction of the “Datwyler Data Centre Solution”. Renaming to “Datwyler Cabling Solutions AG” in Switzerland (1 Nov 2012).


Acquisition by Pema Holding AG. Introduction of the first Category 8 data cable “CU 8203 4P”.


Datwyler introduced “FO Outdoor wbKT Micro Combi”, the first mini hybrid cable for NGN and NGA networks.


The Cat.7 data cable “CU 7000 4P Home” with a diameter of only 5.8 mm and the “FO Outdoor wbKT S-Micro 12×24” with a diameter of only 10.4 mm were introduced.


Datwyler opened a branch in Italy.


Datwyler opened a branch in the Czech Republic. Introduction of the “High-Density Data Centre Solution” (HD-DCS) and the Micro and Mini Data Centres.

2019high density cable

The “FO Universal DLTS” cable family was introduced. Rebranding: “Datwyler Cabling Solutions” became “Datwyler IT Infra”.

Development and production of products. For best connections.

What sets our customers apart is their relaxed attitude. They know that we’re always there for them.

DATWYLER has over 100 years of systematically acquired know-how in the development and manufacture of products and solutions: for the IT infrastructure in data centres and intelligent buildings as well as for fibre networks.

Today DATWYLER is one of the authorised, strategic suppliers of global businesses and institutions. The world over.

Our special strengths lie in the constant innovation developed in our Centres of Expertise, and in optimum implementation of the most stringent requirements – for reliable, economical and forward-looking data communication and for our customers’ security.

IT Infrastructures

  • Data Centres

  • Fibre Networks 

  • Intelligent Buildings 

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Your infrastructure is unique.
Do not settle for standard solutions.

Bespoke infrastructure solutions.

From the single component to the turnkey infrastructure.

DATWYLER is a professional international partner for customised, turnkey IT infrastructure solutions and individual components – right from the start.

Our R&D departments are constantly working on innovative solutions, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, to provide you with highly efficient, secure and sustainable data centre and data network solutions.

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Invest in the future
This saves time and money.

We want your work to be trouble-free and cost effective – even in 20 years’ time.  That’s why we give a system warranty for 25 years.

Our solutions provide you with many benefits, but the most important one of all is security.  We have unique worldwide project know-how and a firm grasp of procedures.

We give excellent advice – even before the detailed planning stage is reached.

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We integrate locally, but scale globally.
That is our key competence.

We know exactly what infrastructure you need.

Though we think it is more important to advise you here and now about the standards which will be required in future: Which devices at what speeds require which IT infrastructure solution? In the international arena we are on point whenever it comes to the introduction of new technologies.

So we always have our fingers on the pulse. To give you the right answers.

For it’s not cables that you buy from us. We sell pioneering communications infrastructures

We can advise you today on which it infrastructure you will need to support your high demand systems in 10-20 years.

Services you need:

  • Bespoke Product Design

  • Development & Production Service

  • Network Design Assistance

  • Tender Document Texts

  • Project Logistics

  • Turnkey Implementation

  • Site Visits, Warranty Audits

  • Project Documentation

  • 25 Years System Warranty

  • Site Assessments & Certification

  • Certified Partner Network

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Future-proof your business
with Datwyler IT Infra.

Who invented this? That´s true: we invented this!

  • 25 Years System Warranty
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Certificates
  • International approvals
  • Test reports
  • No additional costs 

Today, our application-oriented innovations are often international standards.

The “life blood” of a modern purpose-built building is the functionality and reliability of the system solutions for communications, fire safety and elevators. This is true of any such construction, irrespective of whether it is a data centre, an office block, a hotel, hospital, sports stadium, television studio or tunnel.

In all these application areas DATWYLER stands for constant innovation and the stringent implementation of cutting-edge technologies – for reliable, economical and forward-looking data communication and for our customers’ security.

Global Competence

You will find us wherever IT infrastructures are involved.

Not only are we fluent speakers of all the major languages, but we’re also well versed in the special cultural and application-specific features of each particular country. We are familiar with the rules and requirements and know what is important. This saves our international customers time and money. For they know that DATWYLER’S development, production and quality control, geared to the specific criteria of the domestic market, give them significant competitive advantages.

And they are sure to feel “at home” if they are then given advice and support in their native language into the bargain.

Datwyler offers:

  • Native speaker as contact person

  • Representatives in 70 countries

  • Excellent market knowledge and understanding of market conditions

  • Familiar with the local peculiarities

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The Digital Journey evolves.
We stay on your side.
High standards values

Global Reporting Initiative

DATWYLER has been applying the voluntary standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to its sustainability reporting since 2008.

DATWYLER is a participant of the UN Global Compact. This is an initiative launched by the United Nations which espouses ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and combating corruption.

DATWYLER IT Infra signed the Europacable Industry Charter. This Industry Charter expresses the collective commitment of Europacable members for ethical, sustainable and high-quality cable development and manufacturing.

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Datwyler: benefits that you do not want to miss.

Not only have our customers grown with the tailor-made, forward-looking solutions supplied by us, but we have grown too – through our customers and with them.

Here is how you can benefit from working with DATWYLER:

From the individual component to the turnkey solution. 

We know exactly what is needed to implement a sustainable IT infrastructure solution. And that’s on a turnkey basis and in any country in the world.

A “healthy nervous system” for  all your applications. 

End devices and technologies are constantly evolving and developing at ever shorter intervals. So our solutions are designed for future applications. This ensures the future viability of your investment.

Safety due to innovations and own production. 

Our innovations not only conform to international standards, they frequently set new benchmarks. We know exactly what we’re doing when working on behalf of our customers – and what is expected of us: maximum security and the best connections for the best business deals.

Bespoke solutions for competitive advantages.

From the word go. The efficient advice we provide in the run-up to your project guarantees a punctual start-up and offers enormous potential for savings.

Worldwide presence. 

We talk your language, in cultural terms as well. We are familiar with the rules and requirements and know what is important. This saves you time and money.

25 Years System Warranty.

We provide a system warranty. 25 years.
Our solutions provide you with one thing above all else: security. They free you from a multitude of additional tasks and yield substantial cost savings.

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100 years of datwyler

Towards the end of the 20th century globalisation was gathering pace. Datwyler took up the challenge: in 1998 the Cable Division expanded into China and profited from the dynamic growth in this part of the world. Intensive development of the booming Middle Eastern markets followed a few years later.

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