Bespoke Solutions


Unnoticed by elevator passengers, elevator cables from Datwyler do their job around the world every day. They reliably transfer power and data between the elevator cabin and the control system. Withstanding great mechanical stress, they provide faultless operation round the clock. No wonder Datwyler elevator cables are installed in the fastest elevators and the highest buildings in the world.

High-rises are being erected around the globe. Elevators with ever greater performance are providing rapid access to the upper floors of these buildings. And so the requirements for the materials used are becoming increasingly tougher. As a leading manufacturer of elevator cable systems, Datwyler knows what counts: to meet international standards and the customers’ specific needs. Our reliable elevator cable systems are known for smooth operation that adds significant comfort to the ride.

Using various test methods, some of which were developed by Datwyler, we produce elevator cables for service under the toughest conditions. Our specialists define materials and designs that even under permanent dynamic loading show no signs of fatigue. We also offer halogen-free materials for special fire safety concepts.

Integral high-grade fibre optic cable can easily handle large volumes of data. Our modern system solutions connect the elevator cabin to the controls and to the local data network – so passengers can enjoy television and video services in the elevator.

Datwyler has developed innovative system solutions for electrical installations for elevators. Comprehensive harnessing and logistics services with modern B2B connectivity round off the service offering of Datwyler.