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The future belongs to As a Service

Greater flexibility, lower costs

Apr 28, 2022

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One in every three businesses would like to give its IT infrastructure a comprehensive upgrade. This is shown by an up-to-date IDC study on Cloud Computing (German language only). The reasons are increasing demands on the agility, automation and orchestration of IT. This will simplify processes and free valuable IT resources from time-consuming routine tasks.

With existing infrastructures these tasks can only be performed using a lot of effort and at high cost. According to IDC this means that businesses want to use more than three quarters of their applications and over 50 percent of their data centre infrastructure “As a Service” by 2024. This is a new development. As a study by Datwyler shows, until 2020 – in small and medium-sized companies at least – the classic data centre was still the most popular foundation for a sound IT infrastructure. Cloud models tended to be found in larger enterprises.

The benefits of As a Service offerings are obvious: physical resources are provided by the IT partner, so there is no need to invest in hardware or software. The cost of maintenance, updating, problem rectification, scaling and system renewal is also eliminated. The company only pays for services of which it actually makes use. On top of this, new technologies are rapidly available.

In order to benefit from these Cloud and As a Service offerings, your organisation needs a suitable IT infrastructure. Datwyler will support you on your journey into the digital future with comprehensive advice and the provision of customised high-performance IT infrastructure solutions. In addition, on request we can also offer you various Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which are tailor-made to meet your practical requirements.