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No more plastic waste

Datwyler relies on sustainable packaging

Sep 20, 2022

News 2022 09 Modulverpackung

Since July, anyone ordering RJ45 modules from Datwyler has no longer received them in plastic bags, but in space-saving and environmentally friendly cardboard boxes. This leads to less plastic waste on the construction site and saves time when separating waste. The boxes, which are standardized worldwide, also offer a better overview: the modules, wire managers, cable ties and dust shutters each have their own compartments and are therefore clearly separated from one another.

The new packaging for our RJ45 modules is an example of how Datwyler breaks down the global sustainability strategy to the level of the individual products. Based on the order volume of the last few years, the new boxes save almost 3.5 tons of plastic waste. Transported on pallets, they only take up about half the space as the old packaging. This saves around one ton of CO2 per year.