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IE cables to UL-AWM standard

Portfolio expanded for industrial applications

Feb 21, 2023

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The first data cable having UL-AWM certification is available from Datwyler. It is a flexible Cat.7 data cable (AWG 26), suitable for transmission rates of up to 10 gbit/s, and thus meeting the real time requirements of Industry 4.0. With its oil-resistant, robust, halogen-free PUR sheath it is ideal as a patch cable for Industrial Ethernet applications in harsh industrial environments.

The new data cable is tested for an operating temperature of -40 °C to +80 °C. It provides high-quality twofold shielding for excellent transmission reliability in areas of high electromagnetic interference and can, for example, be installed in cable trays together with motor cables. As well as this it meets the electrical requirements specified in IEC 61156-6 and the requirements of the EU Construction Products Regulation set out in EN 50575.

As a specialist in Ethernet data cables Datwyler offers a comprehensive portfolio of Cat.5, Cat.6, Cat.6A and Cat.7 data cables, also including those for Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE). Now that the Swiss plant is registered with UL, products for factory automation are also being developed in Altdorf and produced to the UL-AWM standard. The new portfolio of IE cables will be supplied with a green or black outer sheath.

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