Datwyler Micro Data Centre MDC 300

Active server rack, actively cooled

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MDC 300black320 kg

Technical specifications

Datwyler Micro Data Centre is a compact, preassembled, plug-and-play, quick to deploy, fully monitored and managed, low maintenance onsite IT infrastructure solution. It is a standalone data centre that integrates the elements of cooling, power supply, monitoring and security into a single solution. Unlike maintaining onsite data centres and server rooms which need extensive maintenance, planning, cost and space, the Datwyler Micro Data Centre is a compact solution that enables businesses to run applications on-premise or at the “Edge”.
Edge Computing
Smart facilities deploying IoT devices and/or running Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Automation, etc.
As a computing node in remote and branch offices
Supported IT load (maximum) 2.16 kW
Input voltage 380/400 VAC, 50 Hz, 3 Ph+N+PE
UPS capacity 3 kVA (PF 0.9) online double conversion, 13/28 min @ 100%/50% load
UPS autonomy time extension (optional) 25 min, 34 min, 54 min
Cooling 3.5 kW in rack split DX system (indoor & outdoor)
Monitoring Datwyler Infrastructure Monitoring System 300 (8 ports) with networked sensors
User interface touch-screen display, webbrowser
Display 10’’ multi-touch screen display
Power box power box PDU, 16 A, 3 phase, metered, overvoltage protection
iPDU 2x metered PDU, 18x C13 and 6x C19
Access control programmable electronic lock
Alarm & notification sound and light alarm,
Email notification/SMS notification (customer SIM card)
Ventilation unit (optional) fan module with built in digital thermostat (cooling unit excluded)
Fire suppression (optional) 19" 2U fire suppression unit with integrated smoke sensor; integrated Novec fire suppression
Sensors door status(2x), temperature, humidity, smoke, leakage, vibration
Base frame welded sheet steel frame
Front door with tinted safety glass, swivel handle lock, 3-point locking, up to 180° aperture angle
Rear door sheet steel, non-perforated, with swivel handle lock, 3-point locking, up to 180° aperture angle
Side panels removable, locks with universal key
Feet set of adjustable feet as standard
Protection class IP40
Bayable yes
Mounting profile 2 pairs of 19" vertical profiles, front / rear, adjustable from inside, with U label
Cable management integrated vertical cable managers
Earthing pre-installed flat earthing kit
Outer dimensions (HxWxD) 43 U, 2200 mm x 800 mm x 1200 mm