Launch cable box

for OTDR testing

OTDR launch cable box

Product variants & stock

Article No. Stock ProductWeight [kg]GTIN / EAN
Launch cable box with 100 m G50+G62 and 1000 m E092 kg40393910170818
Launch cable box with 1000 m E092 kg40393910170801
Launch cable box with 100 m G502 kg40393910170795
Launch cable box with 100 m G622 kg40393910170788

Technical specifications

Launch cables are necessary for optical performance testing/measurement of fibre optic connections with an OTDR.
Connector system ST, SC, LSH, LC, FC/PC, HRL variants and other (to be defined)
Housing PVC hard-top case (275 x 225 x 80 mm) with spare tray for FO adapters and other accessorie