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MD-DCS splice panel 19" 2U, 192 fibres4.8 kg1 pc.40393910216387

Technical specifications

Sturdy 19"/1U aluminium housing with cover and steel rear panel, black powder-coated RAL 9005. For termination of fibre optic cables via splice. Including splice cassettes for crimp splice protectors. Allows for variable port density and connector combinations beetween LCD, SCD for splicing and inclusion of MTP for preterminated connections. Modular and scalable system for variable fiber densities from lowest 12 fibers (LC and SCD) to 576 fibers (MTP) per U.
System MD-DCS
Acceptance capacity 8 MD-DCS Snap-In modules
Outer dimensions (HxWxD) 2 U, 88.1 mm x 482.6 mm x 292.5 mm
Housing Black powder coated steel, integrated 19"/2U fixation on the front
Cable entry rear left and right with holes for M10 and M12 cable glands, left, mid, right cut outs for 1 OV cable entry modular plates
Extractable drawer no
Modular, scalable medium-density platform for server room and data centre environment.
Variable port densities of up 96 LCD ports or 48 SCD ports.
This allows for up to 192 fibers with LCD or 96 fibers with SCD per spliced.
19"/2U panel (19" mounting brackets) with
integrated cable support plate
(without plug-in modules)
Includes 8 splice cassettes
Shrink splice protection holder (enclosed)
Screws, Cage Nuts, Cable Ties, Velcro Tape Strips
The MD-DCS breakout modules and pigtails are required for splicing.
When using shrink-fit splice holders, the 40 mm version is recommended.