Audit and assessment

Audit and

There are many reasons for employing experts to assess or audit an existing infrastructure solution for a data centre or data network. If, for example, there are doubts about the ability of the IT infrastructure to cope when the server base is expanded or upgraded. Every upgrade should be backed up by a concept proposal for the IT infrastructure: for power and cooling, for network bandwidth and response times etc.

Perhaps your infrastructure has already shown vulnerabilities, or IT equipment or software application malfunctions have even occurred. These and other risks need to be identified and localized.

Finally, an infrastructure which has grown over time may turn out to be unwieldy, worn-out or outdated, in terms of energy efficiency as well, because it was simply ignored during previous IT equipment upgrades and continued to be used in the existing form.

Datwyler’s Data Centre Infrastructure and Data Network Audit and Assessment comprises:

  • a “Health Check” of the existing physical infrastructure, based on today’s and future foreseeable requirements
  • a Proof of Compliance with current norms and industry standards such as EN, UPTIME or BICSI, or
  • a comprehensive documentation of risks and vulnerabilities by comparison with the standards mentioned
  • a Proposed Action List to achieve conformity and mitigate risk
  • in addition (if requested) the professional digital documentation of the IT infrastructure at all the sites assessed

The audits are carried out by trained and certified auditors using assessment catalogues and checklists, in Europe for example based on EN 50600 / EN 50173 or TÜVIT. They can be conducted by Datwyler throughout the world.