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Swiss Quality since 1915

Datwyler IT Infra is an internationally established company with its headquarters in Switzerland and affiliates in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Datwyler IT Infra Altdorf

The Datwyler story goes all the way back to 1915 when Adolf Dätwyler began to produce electrical conductors in Altdorf. These strong Swiss roots are still important for Datwyler, insofar as “Swissness” yields positive results in all organisations abroad. This means that all the staff set store by traditional Swiss values like quality, reliability and trust and are able to champion them in the outside world. In addition, Datwyler continues to implement Swiss standard business procedures and rules on all its sites, in exactly the same way as do other internationally operating companies. The most important thing is that quality standards are consistent.

Altdorf Switserland

Although Datwyler is basically a Swiss industrial enterprise, it goes without saying that in China, for example, the Managing Director is Chinese; that the products and solutions on offer comply with local standards and are always competitively priced; that Datwyler´s teams operate “close to the customer”, understand local requirements and challenges, and that there are no cultural or language barriers to overcome. This way Datwyler links its “Swissness” to local conditions and demands. This “right mix” is recognized and appreciated in all markets.