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Intelligent building techniques

Whether you are working with new buildings or refurbishments, or if you are planning a future and investment proof shopping centre, you will want to explore modern infrastructure concepts.

Today, most shopping centres are a mixture of single constructions and partial plannings. The electrical infrastructure is often unclear, unreliable and extremely inflexible. The options to make changes are generally excluded due to commercial and/or technical reasons.

The demands on building infrastructure flexibility are continuously increasing. The floorspace requirement changes, and the end users are developing new requirements. In the near future, there will presumably be cashless payment only, voice control, RFID, WLAN and multimedia demands. Fortunately there are now new technologies available.

Over a period of time, standards and directives are also changing, therefore any erroneous design or planning decisions may result in an early end of the durability of the building.

In order that your building is ‘living’, and can cope with change, it is important to still be able to adapt your electrical building infrastructure 20 years time. When selling the building, this will be an important factor to determine its value. Be honest: Does your property fulfill these requirements? Are your investments secured?