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Bespoke solutions for all your applications.

Trustworthy system solutions for varied environments.

The life blood of a modern purpose-built building is the functionality and reliability of the system solutions for communications, fire safety and elevators. This is true of any such construction, irrespective of whether it is an office block, hotel, hospital, sports stadium, television studio or tunnel.

Choose the right system partner right from the start. Choose Datwyler, a well-established company with more than 100-year tradition of quality and accomplishment. Our system solutions have provided faultless operation in countless installations worldwide. They are standard-compliant, stable and constitute a secure investment on your part.

Datwyler is a one-stop source of customised solutions for all your specific applications – with all the necessary test certificates, authorisations, certificates and long-term warranties as a matter of course.

Here you can get some suggestions on how to utilise our system solutions and services for different types of purpose-built buildings as well as for data centres and fibre broadband networks.