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Industrial Ethernet

Solutions from the sensor to the cloud

In the world of industrial automation, reliable data communication between Ethernet capable devices forms the foundation for industrial excellence. At Datwyler IT Infra we understand the challenges involved and offer you tailor-made Industrial Ethernet (IE) solutions that optimally support your communications infrastructure.

Why Ethernet in industrial data communication?

A crucial prerequisite for digital transformation is the collection of large amounts of data based on the networking of machines and systems in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Upgrading existing machines with modern sensors and communication technology – so-called retrofitting – opens up cost-effective ways to increase efficiency.

The merging of building and machine networks requires a specialised communication infrastructure. Ethernet provides this infrastructure. From the field level to the company’s control level, it enables seamless real-time communication.

Datwyler’s Industrial Ethernet (IE) meets these requirements, supports your production and offers a stable basis for top performance – today as well as in the constantly changing industrial landscape in which fieldbuses are increasingly being replaced.


Indusrial Ethernet Grafik en

1. IT/OT infrastructure – Structured building cabling – Campus/FTTx
2. Main cabinet (data centre)
3. Edge data centre
4. IE connectivity in the machine control and in the control cabinet 
5. IE connectivity up to the field level (sensor)
6. Wireless communication solutions 
7. Hybrid Cloud solutions

We offer you tailor-made solutions for all of these applications. You will find further information in our Industrial Ethernet brochure. 

Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) is an Ethernet standard for data transmission over a single pair of wires (2-wire Ethernet). It is perfect for integrating intelligent sensors, RFID systems or high-resolution cameras into the existing industrial IP network.

When developing new industry standards, Datwyler and partners rely on innovative Single-Pair Ethernet technology. Single-Pair Ethernet enables a consistent and economical connection of a large number of end devices in the Industrial IoT, from sensors in the field to the cloud.