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Transportation hubs

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How railway stations and airports can meet growing challenges

Increasing mobility, rising passenger and baggage traffic and the ever increasing volume of freight transported by air and rail necessitate considerable investment in transport hubs. New buildings, expansion and renovation of tram and underground systems as well as of airports and railway stations are generally mammoth projects involving a plethora of permits, requirements, coordination, consultation and agreement measures.

Intelligently planned, perfectly functioning electric and ICT infrastructures are vital if transport hubs are to cope with high passenger and freight volumes while guaranteeing trouble-free operation. Ideally the requisite systems will have all permits and certificates and offer users long-term warranties.

That is why for years many operators have been coordinating their IT and communications technology with top quality, future-proof system solutions from Datwyler. The applications for copper and fibre optic systems range from office communication through the linking of counters, display devices and card readers to access control and parking guidance systems. Building technology applications such as lighting, shading, HVAC and much else can also easily be incorporated in a unified network.

In many of these strategic infrastructure projects Datwyler’s patented safety cables and  tested system components play a part in preventative fire protection. They ensure that even in the event of fire the power supply to all safety systems is maintained and that data communications function smoothly. The longer the video, warning and signalling systems, smoke and heat extractors and escalators and lifts operate during a fire, the less the damage to health and property. Good fire safety characteristics for cables and the functional integrity of the whole cable installation are key factors here.

The fact that Datwyler’s system solutions have repeatedly won contracts for many construction projects is also due not least to our competitive prices and excellent service provision, including advice, training, design and system engineering, on-the-dot delivery through to turnkey construction, documentation and system maintenance.