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Whether you're in need of EDI interfaces, data provision in diverse formats like BMECat or datanorm, or assistance with specialist planning through tender texts or Visio shapes and planning drawings, we've got you covered. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs.

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EDI electronic data interchange

Digital B2B EDI Support

We are constantly striving to make collaboration with you, our business associates, simpler and more transparent. It is our aim to execute and implement projects and services to your utmost satisfaction.

In this regard an EDI connection for electronic data interchange can offer many benefits, starting with faster transmission and greater accuracy of information through a reduction in paper-based documents to improved data handling. EDI is a good choice for optimising operations, particularly when there are a sizeable number of business transactions.

Please let us know if you are interested in linking your systems to our SAP-ERP system. To ensure better cooperation we will be happy to arrange the possible interfaces and formats with your specialists.

BIM Building Information Modelling

BIM – Building Information Modeling

When designing building projects, planning offices and architectural practices as well as developers are relying increasingly on detailed digital product information such as that supplied by Building Information Modeling (BIM). In BIM buildings are digitally created, i.e. all the structural data are digitally modelled and recorded over the entire life cycle.

The aim of the BIM method is to increase planning security and thus reduce construction time. This not only saves time and money, it also reduces the risk of litigation, as potential problems can be identified and solved early on in the planning phase. In addition, with BIM a model is available for the entire life cycle of the building, which simplifies the ongoing maintenance process and supplies data on material use and location.

We are providing our customers with an initial, steadily growing portfolio of products in BIM format. Please explore and use our BIM Objects for your planning needs on the BIM Platform:
Building360 BIM Catalog

These items can be displayed and viewed in Family browsers. It is possible to integrate them into a REVIT plan using a Softwarte plug-in. The object families are also available as a ZIP file which we will be pleased to send you on request.

Visio Services

Visio stencils for your IT Infrastructure planning

You can download Microsoft Visio stencils from us free of charge. These templates can be used to create high quality IT infrastructure plans quickly and easily, for example views of fully equipped network racks.

The templates are suitable for end customers, IT architects, planners, system administrators and other specialists wanting to make graphical representations of technical environments with technical drawings, charts and reports in Visio (or compatible software).

We have sorted the relevant Visio stencils by product group and made them available for you as ZIP packages in the "Support & Downloads" Section. If you find that any specific templates are missing, please get in touch with us. Our technical design specialists will be pleased to help.