SAS pre-assembled single clamp

Single clamp
Type SAS
fixing distance ≤ 1200 / 600 mm

Type SAS single clamp, pre-assembled
with fire protection plugs type K6x5S

Product variants & stock

Article No. Stock ProductCable Ø [mm]Weight [kg]Packing unitGTIN / EAN
Single clamp SAS 8 D - K6x57- 80.02 kg100 pcs.40393910227673
Single clamp SAS 12 D - K6x511- 120.02 kg100 pcs.40393910227680
Single clamp SAS 14 D - K6x513- 140.02 kg100 pcs.40393910227697
Single clamp SAS 16 D - K6x515- 160.02 kg100 pcs.40393910227703

Technical specifications

For laying single and multiple cables on ceilings or walls. System Circuit Integrity is achieved for Datwyler Keram cable types (N)HXH / (N)HXH CL / (N)HXCH FE180/E30-E60, (N)HXH / (N)HXCH FE180/E90, JE-H(St)H FE180/E30-E90, JE-H(St)HRH FE180/E30-E90.
Required tool set: SMu 6 SM. *The required SDS1 32 mm drillbit is included in the set.