Fire protection screws

Fire protection screws

1. MMS+ P 6/40 - 35 mm embedment depth
2. MMS+ St 6/55 - 35 mm embedment depth

Product variants & stock

Article No. Stock ProductWeight [kg]Packing unitGTIN / EAN
MMS+ St 6/550.01 kg100 pcs.40393910228878
MMS+ MS 7,5/451.25 kg100 pcs.40393910228830
MMS+ P 6/400.82 kg100 pcs.4019787484831
MMS+ MS 7,5/601.25 kg100 pcs.
Washer DIN 125 galvanized M8100 pcs.40393910228380

Technical specifications

For installation of safety cable systems with enhanced circuit integrity (System Circuit Integrity).
The MMS+ MS 7.5/60, MMS+ P 6/40 and MMS+ St 6/55 installation screws have an approval for solid sand-lime brick, solid brick and concrete.
The MMS+ MS 7.5/45 mounting screw has an approval for concrete only.
The MMS+ MS 7.5 mounting screws require a drill hole diameter of 6.05 to 6.4 mm (nominal 6 mm).
The MMS+ 6 mounting screws require a drill hole diameter of 5.05 to 5.4 mm (nominal 5 mm).
U-washers are required for fastening profile rails.
We recommend using KDM or K6x5 dowels when fixing rails and clamps in concrete.