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An overview of rack solutions

From wall cabinets to Mini Data Centres

Mar 24, 2022

News 2022 03 Rack Catalogue

Datwyler’s new product guide “Rack Solutions for Every Requirement” is a 24 page overview of tried and tested and new IT cabinets and enclosures as well as of their wide range of rack accessories. The short catalogue also provides informative summaries covering Micro and Mini Data Centres and Datwyler’s Infrastructure Monitoring System (DIMS).

As well as a large selection of standard racks in various sizes the short catalogue also contains modular rack designs which can be supplied as required, i.e. with the desired equipment and cabling and adapted to cooling concepts and security requirements. For all the racks Datwyler provides comprehensive accessories to satisfy every need. The products on offer range from socket strips through intelligent configurable locking systems to fans and cable management kits.

The catalogue is rounded off by sensors for the monitoring system (DIMS), which enables the optimum control of sensitive and complex infrastructures, causing a company’s IT operation to become more secure and more profitable in the long term.

The new product guide is available to download as a PDF on the Datwyler website. Any Datwyler branch office will be pleased to take orders for the printed version.