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An end to cable knots

“OV-E” splice boxes offer many advantages

Apr 30, 2019

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Working on a densely packed patch panel can be nerve-racking, particularly in the field of fibre optics. Datwyler’s new “OV-E” splice boxes help to make things a bit easier.

Datwyler’s “OV-E” splice boxes – “OV-CH” in Switzerland – take up to 48 fibres, and they are equipped as required with LCD or LSH couplers with ceramic sleeves and ready-to-splice 2-metre coloured pigtails (with measuring protocol).

They also have a drawer with a pullout stop which can be folded down after pulling out. This makes it considerably easier to access the splice trays. In addition, the drawer can be pulled out without moving the cables behind the box.

Other advantages include the mounting plate for cable management in the rear area, the easy-to-fold-up splice trays with splice comb and an additional labelling strip on the numbered front panel. Of course, the panel can be fitted in five depth-adjustable steps.

The boxes available from Datwyler in Europe include all the splice accessories with crimp splice protection and a mounting kit.