Datwyler Micro Data Centre MDC 200

Active server rack, passively cooled

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MDC 200black320 kg

Technical specifications

Datwyler Micro Data Centre is a compact, preassembled, plug-and-play, quick to deploy, fully monitored and managed, low maintenance onsite IT infrastructure solution. It is a standalone data centre that integrates the elements of cooling, power supply, monitoring and security into a single solution. Unlike maintaining onsite data centres and server rooms which need extensive maintenance, planning, cost and space, the Datwyler Micro Data Centre is a compact solution that enables businesses to run applications on-premise or at the “Edge”.
Edge Computing
Smart facilities deploying IoT devices and/or running Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Automation, etc.
As a computing node in remote and branch offices
Supported IT load (maximum) 2.16 kW
Input voltage 380/400 VAC, 50 Hz, 3 Ph+N+PE
UPS capacity 3 kVA (PF 0.9) online double conversion, 13/28 min @ 100%/50% load
UPS autonomy time extension (optional) 25 min, 34 min, 54 min
Monitoring Datwyler Infrastructure Monitoring System 200 (4 ports) with networked sensors
User interface webbrowser
Power box power box PDU, 16 A, 3 phase, metered, overvoltage protection
iPDU 2x metered PDU, 18x C13 and 6x C19
Access control programmable electronic lock
Alarm & notification sound and light alarm,
Email notification/SMS notification (customer SIM card)
Sensors door status(2x), temperature, humidity
Base frame welded sheet steel frame
Front door sheet steel, perforated, with swivel handle lock, 3-point locking, up to 180° aperture angle
Rear door sheet steel, perforated, with swivel handle lock, 3-point locking, up to 180° aperture angle
Side panels removable, locks with universal key
Feet set of adjustable feet as standard
Protection class IP20
Bayable yes
Mounting profile 2 pairs of 19" vertical profiles, front / rear, adjustable from inside, with U label
Cable management integrated vertical cable managers
Earthing pre-installed flat earthing kit
Outer dimensions (HxWxD) 43 U, 2200 mm x 800 mm x 1200 mm