Module insert

3U/7TE for subracks OV-BG
with adapters and pigtails

FO Module plug-in unit 3HE/7TE equipped with 6 LCD OS2 and 12 Pigtails

Technical specifications

Ready to splice prepared module insert for mounting in 4U subracks for termination of fiber optic cables, maximum 24 fibers. Loaded with FO adapters, ready for splicing, with prepared pigtails (per 2 m, colour code: IEC 60304).
Module insert with
- Splice cassettes and excess length tray
- coloured pigtails with measurement report
- FO adapters, fastened by screws
- splice trays with cover
- splice holder for 12 x crimp splice protectors
- Delivery with crimp-splicing protection
Dimensions 3U/7TE
Housing entièrement en métal, noir, tiroir extractible avec un mécanisme de verrouillage, le panneau permet un montage réglable en profondeur (en 5 pas, au maximum 50 mm)
Front plate Anodised aluminium
Imprint numbers (silk screen printing) on frontplate
Cable entry En la parte posterior izquierda y derecha con entradas de cable preestampadas M15, M20 y M25 - estos orificios preestampados se pueden abrir según sea necesario
Strain relief con conector glándula roscado
Capacity up to 24 fibres
Variants on request.
Adapter SCD, LCD,LCQ, LSH Coloured Polymer housings, ceramic sleeves
Adapter, front side x ,