HD-DCS BO module, 12x MPO, OM4

for HD-DCS modular panels

Product variants & stock

Article No. Stock ProductOuter dimensions (HxWxD)ColourMaterialWeight [kg]Packing unitGTIN / EAN
HD-DCS BO module, 12x MPO, OM439 mm x 100 mm x 120 mmblackPolycarbonate (PC)0.17 kg1 pc.40393910145229

Technical specifications

Polycarbonate (PC) housing with press-fit cover. At the rear the HD-DCS BO modules have two slots fitted with cable grommets. Front couplers with translucent dust plugs.
System HD-DCS
Acceptance capacity 144 fibres (MTP12)
HD-DCS BO modules are suitable for all high-density and high-performance applications with parallel optic signals, particularly in the data centre environment.
They find modular application in the slots of the HD-DCS modular panels (19”/1U) in which they can be inserted from the front and the back.
They are used to accept pre-assembled MTP trunk cables.
A packing density of 576 fibres (MTP12) on 1U are achieved with these type of modules.
Housing, equipped with 2x 6MPO adapter with translucent dust plug protection on front side.
Rear side is fitted with a cable grommet.
As high-performance patch cables for high-density solutions Datwyler recommends the HD-DCS MTP patch cables with push-pull rods.
Adapter type, front side Type A (key up/key down)
Adapter, front side 2 x 6MPO, heather violet, Type A (key up/key down)
Adapter material, front side Polymeric
Dust protection, front side yes
Laser protection, front side no
Dust/Laser protection, front side Dust plug
MTP standard (IEC) IEC 61754-7, IEC 61755-3-31, IEC 61755-3-32