Interior fittings

Interior fittings and rack containment

To complete the fit-out of your data centre, Datwyler offers you high-quality, robust and long-life floor panels, raised floor panels, ceiling panels, partitions, fire doors and much more. As with all installations we complete with the aid of professional specialist partner companies, you can be certain that they will not conflict with the planning and implementation of the other important disciplines and installations such as data cabling or the supply of power or water, and that the result will be in accordance with your specifications and also the applicable standards.

With interior fittings, we direct our special attention to the measures which concern cooling and air conditioning. Here we offer you complete solutions for the installation of pressurised or raised floors, including innovative floor panel technologies for variable regulation of cold air.

Central to the energy efficiency of your data centre are housing solutions and the accompanying arrangement of cold and hot aisle containment. Because the active components and the IT racks in “mature” computer centres often originate from different manufacturers, a variety of shapes and sizes must be taken into account, and these can only be tackled with flexible concepts.

We can upgrade existing IT rooms at any time, also retrospectively, with energy-efficient, reliable cooling systems which are designed according to your requirements and which can be integrated simply into the existing infrastructure.