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Mangement panels & cable shelfs

in different versions

1. Management panel 19‘‘/1U, version made of stainless steel,
with 5 support brackets
2. 19" cable shelf with management panel
3. 19" cable shelf with cable feedthrough panel and strip


Management panels 19″/1U are suitable for the routing of copper and fibre optic cables, particularly suitable for patch cords in racks or cabinets with 19″ mounting angles and rails. Cable shelfs fulfil the same function, particularly for multiple (trunk) cables. The basic mangement panels 19″/1U are available in three versions:
a) stainless steel, b) black or c) grey. These panels come without support brackets. They can be fitted with 5 support brackets in the required dimension. Please order the support brackets separately! There are labelling strips for complete management panels with support brackets available.


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Article No.StockProductColourMaterialWeight [kg]Packing unit
1411480 Support bracket, depth: 60 mmblackPolycarbonate (PC)0.02 kg1 pc.
1411481 Support bracket, depth: 75 mmsilvermetal0.04 kg1 pc.
1411482 Support bracket, depth: 110 mmsilvermetal0.09 kg1 pc.
1411604 Management panel 19‘‘/1U for 5 support brackets (delivery without brackets)light greyAluminium0.35 kg1 pc.
1407689 Management panel 19‘‘/1U for 5 support brackets (delivery without brackets)blackAluminium0.35 kg1 pc.
418200 Management panel 19‘‘/1U for 5 support brackets (delivery without brackets)silverstainless steel0.35 kg1 pc.
401247 Cable feedthrough panel with strip 19“/1Ulight greyAluminium0.4 kg1 pc.
401248 Cable feedthrough panel with strip 19“/1UblackAluminium0.4 kg1 pc.
401249 Cable feedthrough panel with strip 19“/1Usilverstainless steel0.4 kg1 pc.
400300 19“ cable shelf, depth adjustable due to slide rails (from 520 mm up to 850 mm)(only mountable with a management panel or cable feedthrough panel; rear side 19“ fixation necessary)3.5 kg1 pc.