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(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 B2ca

Safety cable, 0.6/1kV, Keram
Halogen-free, with improved fire characteristics;
with reference to VDE 0266 and CENELEC HD 604 S1,
circuit integrity (FE180) in accordance with VDE 0472-814, IEC 60331,
System Circuit Integrity E30-E60* in accordance with DIN 4102-12
Reaction to fire according to EN 13501-6

1 Conductor: solid/stranded
2 Fire barrier: high-peformance Keram compound
3 Insulation: cross-linked polymer, zero halogen
4 Filler: flame retardant, zero halogen
5 Sheath: FRNC/LSZH


Safety cables are installed in all areas that require special protection of people and equipment against fire and fire damages and where strict security requirements must be fulfilled.
Suitable for indoor applications. For outdoor applications, protection must be provided against exposure to direct sunlight. The cable should only be laid directly in earth or water if a protective conduit is used.
System Circuit Integrity is provided up to 400 V operating voltage.
Permitted operating temperature at conductor of +90˚C.

  • For use in critical fire safety infrastructure (in compliance with VKF, ASTRA, Tunnels Directive, etc.), particularly in escape routes and emergency lines.
  • Outer sheath colour orange
  • Outer sheath material Flame retardant Polyolefin compound, CENELEC HD 604 S1 and VDE 0276-604 "HM4"
  • Conductor Bare copper, solid or stranded, IEC 60228 and EN 60228 (VDE 0295)
  • Core colours CENELEC HD 308 S2, VDE 0293
  • Filler Flame retardant, halogen-free thermoplastic compound
  • Insulation Double insulation, cross-linked, high-performance Keram special compound, VDE 0266 "HXI1"
  • Test voltage at 50Hz 4000 V
  • Installation temperature -5 °C - +50 °C
  • Operating temperature -45 °C - +90 °C
  • Minimum bending during installation (multi core) 12 x D
  • Minimum bending during installation (single core) 15 x D
  • Minimum bending radius permanent (multi core) 12 x D
  • Minimum bending radius permanent (single core) 15 x D
  • Remarks bending radius 50% reduction if installation at 30°C and with a template
  • * System Circuit Integrity is dependent on installation method
  • Reaction to fire (Euroclasses) EN 13501-6: B2ca
  • Zero halogen no corrosive gases IEC 60754-1/-2, EN 60754-1/-2, VDE 0482-754-1/-2, AREI-RGIE Art.104-SA, SEV TPV11
  • Flame Propagation IEC 60332-1-2, EN 60332-1-2, VDE 0482-332-1-2, AREI-RGIE Art.104-F1
  • Flame Spread IEC 60332-3-24 Cat. C, EN 60332-3-24 Cat. C, VDE 0482-332-3-24 Cat. C, AREI-RGIE Art.104-F2
  • Smoke Density IEC 61034-1/-2, EN 61034-1/-2, VDE 0482-1034-1/-2, AREI-RGIE Art.104-SD
  • System circuit integrity DIN 4102-12, AREI-RGIE Art.104-FR2
  • Circuit Integrity (FE180) IEC 60331-11/-21 (180 minutes),VDE 0472-814 (FE180),IEC 60331-1 (120 minutes),IEC 60331-2 (120 minutes),EN 50200 (PH120 minutes),VDE 0482-200 (PH120),VDE 0482-331-1 (PH120),AREI-RGIE Art.104-FR1


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Article No.StockProductReaction To FireOuter sheath colourNumber of CoresDiameter mm²Outer sheath diameter [mm]CU rate [kg\km]Weight [kg\km]Fire load [kWh\m]ConductorConstructionPacking unit
18628000BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 2 x 1.5B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange21.511 mm29 kg/km1760.441 kWh/msolidLNby the metre
18692100BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 2 x 2.5B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange22.511.8 mm48 kg/km2140.495 kWh/msolidLNby the metre
18692200BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 2 x 4B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange2412.8 mm77 kg/km2690.565 kWh/msolidLNby the metre
18692300BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 2 x 6B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange2613.8 mm115 kg/km3330.636 kWh/msolidLNby the metre
18692400BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 2 x 10B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange21015.4 mm192 kg/km4540.754 kWh/msolidLNby the metre
18695200BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 2 x 16B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange21618.2 mm307 kg/km6530.98 kWh/msolidLNby the metre
19040400BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 2 x 25B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange22521.2 mm480 kg/km9391.281 kWh/mstrandedLNby the metre
18692500BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 3 x 1.5B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange31.511.5 mm43 kg/km1980.488 kWh/msolidLNPEby the metre
18692600BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 3 x 2.5B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange32.512.4 mm72 kg/km2470.551 kWh/msolidLNPEby the metre
18692700BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 3 x 4B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange3413.5 mm115 kg/km3160.63 kWh/msolidLNPEby the metre
18692800BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 3 x 6B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange3614.6 mm173 kg/km4000.71 kWh/msolidLNPEby the metre
18692900BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 3 x 10B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange31016.3 mm288 kg/km5560.836 kWh/msolidLNPEby the metre
18695300BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 16B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange31619.3 mm461 kg/km8051.076 kWh/mstrandedLNPEby the metre
18695500BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 25B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange32522.6 mm720 kg/km11761.634 kWh/mstrandedLNPEby the metre
18695400BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 25 + 1 x 16B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange325+1623.9 mm874 kg/km13541.576 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18695700BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 35B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange33524.9 mm1008 kg/km15181.634 kWh/mstrandedLNPEby the metre
18695600BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 35 + 1 x 16B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange335+1625.9 mm1162 kg/km16841.787 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18695900BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 50B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange35028.2 mm1440 kg/km20122.081 kWh/mstrandedLNPEby the metre
18695800BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 50 + 1 x 25B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange350+2529.9 mm1680 kg/km22982.312 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18696100BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 70B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange37032.7 mm2016 kg/km27932.613 kWh/mstrandedLNPEby the metre
18696000BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 70 + 1 x 35B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange370+3534 mm2352 kg/km31242.807 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18696200BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 95 + 1 x 20B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange395+5039.3 mm3216 kg/km41973.893 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18696300BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 120 + 1 x 70B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange3120+7042.6 mm4098.28 kg/km52274.419 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18696400BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 150 + 1 x 70B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange3150+7046.6 mm4992 kg/km63275.244 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18696500BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 185 + 1 x 90B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange3185+9552 mm6240 kg/km79116.505 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18693000BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 4 x 1.5B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange41.512.4 mm58 kg/km2320.572 kWh/msolid3LPEby the metre
18693100BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 4 x 2.5B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange42.513.4 mm96 kg/km2890.634 kWh/msolid3LPEby the metre
18693200BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 4 x 4B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange4414.6 mm154 kg/km3790.724 kWh/msolid3LPEby the metre
18693300BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 4 x 6B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange4615.8 mm230 kg/km4860.831 kWh/msolid3LPEby the metre
18693400BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 4 x 10B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange41017.8 mm384 kg/km6910.992 kWh/msolid3LPEby the metre
18696700BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 16B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange41621.1 mm614 kg/km10031.277 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18696800BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 25B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange42524.8 mm960 kg/km14761.695 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18696900BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 35B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange43527.4 mm1344 kg/km19191.951 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18697000BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 50B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange45031.5 mm1920 kg/km25832.604 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18697100BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 70B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange47036.2 mm2688 kg/km35583.199 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18697200BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 95B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange49541.7 mm3648 kg/km47574.357 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18697300BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 120B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange412044.6 mm4608 kg/km58064.831 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18697400BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 150B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange415050 mm5760 kg/km73216.103 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18754800BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 4 x 185B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange418555.3 mm7104 kg/km90177.404 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18707700BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 240B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange424062.9 mm9216 kg/km117989.4 kWh/mstranded3LPEby the metre
18693500BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 5 x 1.5B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange51.513.4 mm72 kg/km2750.665 kWh/msolid3LNPEby the metre
18693600BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 5 x 2.5B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange52.514.5 mm120 kg/km3450.754 kWh/msolid3LNPEby the metre
18693700BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 5 x 4B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange5415.8 mm192 kg/km4540.863 kWh/msolid3LNPEby the metre
18693800BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 5 x 6B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange5617.2 mm288 kg/km5860.983 kWh/msolid3LNPEby the metre
18693900BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 5 x 10B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange51019.3 mm480 kg/km8291.164 kWh/msolid3LNPEby the metre
18697500BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 5 x 16B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange51623.1 mm768 kg/km12181.525 kWh/mstranded3LNPEby the metre
18697600BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 5 x 25B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange52527.2 mm1200 kg/km18012.055 kWh/mstranded3LNPEby the metre
18697700BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 5 x 35B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange53530.5 mm1680 kg/km23742.45 kWh/mstranded3LNPEby the metre
18697800BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 5 x 50B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange55034.8 mm2400 kg/km31772.974 kWh/mstranded3LNPEby the metre
18697900BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 5 x 70B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange57040 mm3360 kg/km43713.65 kWh/mstranded3LNPEby the metre
19058700BZ (N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 5 x 95B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange59546.6 mm4560 kg/km58975.035 kWh/mstranded3LNPEby the metre
17127200BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 7 x 1.5B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange71.514.4 mm101 kg/km3280.758 kWh/msolid6LPEby the metre
17127300BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 7 x 2.5B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange72.515.6 mm168 kg/km4220.857 kWh/msolid6LPEby the metre
17127900BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 12 x 1.5B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange121.518.3 mm173 kg/km5101.128 kWh/msolid11LPEby the metre
17128000BZ (N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 12 x 2.5B2ca-s1a,d1,a1orange122.520 mm288 kg/km6681.288 kWh/msolid11LPEby the metre
Additional dimensions available on request.