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DIN rail splice distribution box

E9/125 OS2
with adapters and pigtails

DIN rail splice distribution box, loaded with 6 LSH/APC adapters


For the termination of fibre optic cables in control cabinets and distribution boxes – maximum of 24 fibres.
For mounting on support or top-hat rail (DIN rail TH35).
Top-hat rail fastening mounted centrally, possibility of asymmetrical fastening.
Loaded with FO adapters, ready for splicing, with prepared pigtails (per 2 m, colour code: IEC 60304).

  • Cable entry two cable entry openings and one M20 gland
  • Capacity up to 24 fibres
  • Colour similar to RAL 7035
  • Dimensions 135 x 38 x 141 mm
  • Housing aluminium
  • Imprint label strips
  • Strain relief by screwed cable gland
  • Adapter LCD, LCQ, LSH or SCD with ceramic sleeves
  • Wall mounting is possible with additional mounting brackets.
  • Fibre type E9/125 OS2
  • DIN rail splice distribution box
    - straight cable entry (right and left or rear)
    - splice tray
    - FO adapters, fastened by screws
    - complete splicing set with crimp splice protection
    - labelling strip
    - cable gland (1x M20)


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Article No.StockProductColour (Frontplate)Number of adaptersAdapterColour (Adapter)Outer dimensionsPigtailsFibre classWeight [kg]Packing unit
415633 DIN rail splice distribution boxgrey6LCDblue38 mm x 135 mm x 141 mm12 x LCOS20.35 kg1 pc.
415642 DIN rail splice distribution boxgrey6LCD/APCgreen38 mm x 135 mm x 141 mm12 x LC/APC0.35 kg1 pc.
415639 DIN rail splice distribution boxgrey6LCQblue38 mm x 135 mm x 141 mm24 x LCOS20.35 kg1 pc.
415641 DIN rail splice distribution boxgrey6LCQ/APCgreen38 mm x 135 mm x 141 mm24 x LC/APCOS20.35 kg1 pc.
415635 DIN rail splice distribution boxgrey6LSH/APCgreen38 mm x 135 mm x 141 mm6 x LSH/APCOS20.35 kg1 pc.
415640 DIN rail splice distribution boxgrey12LSH/APCgreen38 mm x 135 mm x 141 mm12 x LSH/APCOS20.35 kg1 pc.
415634 DIN rail splice distribution boxgrey6SCDblue38 mm x 135 mm x 141 mm12 x SCOS20.35 kg1 pc.
415643 DIN rail splice distribution boxgrey6SCD/APCgreen38 mm x 135 mm x 141 mm12 x SC/APC0.35 kg1 pc.
Variants on request.