Module, TERATM connector system, shielded, Category 7A

PS-TERA 4P module, Cat.7A

Product variants & stock

Article No. Stock ProductColourWeight [kg]Packing unitGTIN / EAN
Plug PS-TERA 4P solid AWG 22-230.01 kg40393910211085
Module PS-TERA 4P Cat.7A/FA (IEC) 1000 MHzblack0.03 kg1 pc.40393910211078

Technical specifications

The PS-TERA module is a shielded module that accepts 1-pair, 2-pair and 4-pair plugs. It fulfils all requirements for Cat. 7A products up to 1000 MHz in accordance with IEC 61076-3-104. Therefore the module is suitable for 10-gigabit Ethernet transmissions in accordance with IEEE 802.3an and for upcoming applications that need even higher bandwidths. The module is intended for screened Cat.7 or 7A data cable termination. As it accepts 1-, 2- or 4-pair plugs, it enables the transmission of multiple applications over one data cable at the same time (Plug Sharing). The plugged-in plugs are interlocked. Datwyler offers coloured cable boots for the differentiation of applications. Unused modules are protected with hinged dust shutters. The module is compatible with the wire diameters AWG 22 to AWG 23. The PS-TERA modules can be fitted in all Datwyler faceplates, patch panels or floor box solutions with MPS openings
TERATM is a registered tradename of Siemon.
Solid copper wire -
GBit/s Up to 10 Gbit/s
Shielding shielded
Cabling standards ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173-1
Cat./Class Cat.7A / Class FA
Connector standards IEC 61076-3-104