MAC services

Microcentro de datos Edge gestionado

Datwyler IT Infra offers you two variants of managed edge micro data centre (MDC) solutions: Managed Edge MDC IaaS and Managed Edge MDC NaaS. Unlike traditional products on the market, this offering includes a comprehensive, fully managed service package. You get a 27U high rack on wheels that is easy to handle and very flexible.

Solutions with added value:
Compared to hardware-only solutions, Datwyler provides you with a comprehensive package including service, management and security. In addition, each Managed Edge MDC solution is tailor-made, adapted to your specific needs.

Managed Edge MDC IaaS and NaaS:
The Managed Edge MDC IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) offers you a complete network and server infrastructure including network components, firewall and security solutions. This package includes a server on which you can use up to 5 fully managed VMs.

The Managed Edge MDC NaaS (Network-as-a-Service) includes a complete network infrastructure including switch, firewall and WLAN. Here, too, the necessary security solutions are always included. Managed Edge MDC NaaS is ideal for users who want to outsource their network operations.

Security has top priority at Datwyler. Unlike many common solutions, we offer you individual zoning of the network infrastructure and use the latest security technologies.

Our services:
Our all-round carefree packages include continuous improvement of the network environment as well as on-site planning, inspection and coordination.

Optional features:
A whole range of optional features are available to you to supplement, enhance and individualize your managed edge micro data centre solution.

From a fire extinguishing system to special locking systems (RFID, etc.) and additional gateways (RS485, etc.): we have everything you need.