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Economic infrastructures for hospitals

These days, hospitals, out-patient departments and care institutions must succeed in the face of growing competition and at the same time satisfy many demands. Firstly, it is important to operate economically by optimising processes, operating practices, the use of staff and resources and to charge for services rendered in terms of costs. Secondly, optimum care for patient, and the patient´s experience is paramount. This can only be achieved by innovative medical technologies and better services. This balancing act is not easy to manage.

With regards to electrical infrastructures, high-quality technology and optimised systems play their part in cutting annual operating costs. Taking more trouble with planning and increasing basic investment here will pay off in the medium and long terms. Lifecycle costs are demonstrably the lowest for integrated solutions.

This is another good reason for operators to rely on the high-quality system solutions from Datwyler. For example, it is possible, by intelligent interlinking of the communications infrastructure with building technology, to provide all users with greater convenience and save energy at the same time. This can permanently cut running costs. We also provide innovative safety cable systems, which can be installed quickly, flexibly and economically and can cut the costs of supplying power to all safety relevant systems. 

Today’s hospitals must be real multi-skilled operations, as essentially they need to satisfy all the demands of reliability, convenience and safety and also economic and ecological efficiency. This means that a variety of different systems are necessary. Examples are wired and wireless communications, energy supply, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, monitoring, access control, lighting and alarm systems. Because Datwyler has an integrated approach and uses certificated total solutions, it is possible, right from the start, to cut out many separately planned, expensively installed and independently operated systems.

Modern multimedia, control and information systems provide medical, nursing and administrative staff with an effective and safe working environment. But not only that; it also creates a wide range of conveniences, communications and entertainment options for patients. For example, they can control the lighting, blinds, ventilation and room temperature independently from their beds. Also, they can keep in contact with the outside world via telephone and email, surf the net, listen to the radio, play, watch DVDs and television. The costs for these services are obtainable at the press of a button and can be invoiced individually to patients in terms of usage.

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