Event arena


Recintos para eventos con instalaciones estructuradas

Complete solutions for the electrical infrastructure in event arenas

You may recall that previously you may have spent almost as much time in your car as in the stadium? Thanks to modern traffic and car-park routing systems all around the stadium, travelling to and from the stadium requires considerably less time. No one likes to be caught up in a traffic jam!

Even queuing is a thing of the past, since there are electronic access controls.

Well-placed touch panels and large signage screens display important information viewable by anyone at any place. ‘On demand’ at small venues, to widely spread on a large scale – on the seating, during the breaks, and even at the end of the event starting from the team line-up up to the current weather and traffic information. We even thought of details such as WLAN Access Points. There are also high-performance multimedia connections available for sportswriters.

Even the building automation is at its finest. From the shops up to the sanitary facilities, the air is evenly and conveniently tempered, the light and the shading are perfectly adjusted depending on the weather and the time of day.

Just feel safe and be in good hands at any visit. The well equipped video monitoring and the emergency exit guidance systems also contribute to overall feeling of safety.