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Seguridad sistemática en los túneles

The right system can save lives

When an incident occurs, a fire for example, the first few minutes are crucial to the safety of tunnel users. The safety philosophy should therefore be designed primarily with the aim of protecting people in the escape phase and only secondarily for rescue and structural protection. In addition to structural precautions it is therefore important that operational and safety equipment should be extremely reliable and must function perfectly.

The control management of these installations and systems is normally carried out by tunnel management, which defines particular mutual dependencies using an effect matrix. This ensures, for instance, that when a fire alarm goes off the primary control centre is alerted, the ventilation system initiates the fire program, the lighting operates at the highest level, the fire emergency lighting is activated, the video cameras concentrate on the seat of the fire, and traffic control blocks access to the tunnel.

These systems are monitored from the command centre. From there it is possible to intervene in the activities of individual systems using the control systems. In order to ensure safe operation during any type of incident the flawless interplay of all technical installations is an absolute must.

The cabling infrastructure plays a central role here. Datwyler supplies safe, high-performance cabling systems which guarantee reliable power and data transfer, even in a fire.