HDPS MTP cassettes, 1x MTP to 6x LCD

for HDPS modular panel
for OM3, OM4, OS2

High-performance pre-terminated HDPS MTP cassettes, 12F

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HDPS MTP cassette, 12F, 1x MTP to 6x LCD /PC, OM3negro0.01 kg1 pza.40393910046120
HDPS MTP cassette, 12F, 1x MTP to 6x LCD /PC, OM4negro0.01 kg1 pza.40393910046113
HDPS MTP cassette, 12F, 1x MTP to 6x LCD /PC, OS2 (G.652.D)negro0.01 kg1 pza.40393910046144
HDPS MTP cassette, 12F, 1x MTP to 6x LCD /APC, OS2 (G.652.D)negro0.01 kg1 pza.40393910046137

Especificaciones técnicas

Polycarbonate (PC) housing with aluminium cover. At the rear each HDPS cassette has 1 MTP coupler which is routed to the front couplers (6x LC duplex) by way of an internal fanout and integrated fibre management. Can be easily inserted into one of the panel's sliding support frames. The sliding hardware with guide handle (at the rear of the cassette) allow for easy installation and maintenance.
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Capacidad de aceptación 6 duplex ports (12 fibres)
Dimensiones exteriores 12 mm x 91 mm x 163 mm
Impresión de aplicaciones HDPS MTP® cassettes are suitable for all high-performance applications with duplex signals particularly in the data centre environment.
They support modular application in the HDPS modular panel (19"/1U).
They are used to accept pre-assembled MTP trunk cables - for quick and simple installations.
Packing densities of up to 144 fibres on 1U are achieved with these cassettes.
They are assembled to a very high quality and guarantee optimum values for optical performance (IL/RL).
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Housing with front panel, equipped with 6 LC duplex adapters (ceramic sleeves).
Rear fitted with 1 MTP adapter (Type A).
1 module fanout (High P): per 12 fibres, 1x MTP Elite® (female) to 12x LC (ceramic ferrules).
Delivery inclusive of test reports for fanout.
MTP® and MTP Elite® are registered brands of US Conec.
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