World’s First Mini Hybrid Cable From Datwyler

9 jun 2015

Csm Datwyler wb KT Micro Combi 155295a86c

Datwyler presents the FO Outdoor wbKT Micro Combi, the world’s first mini hybrid cable for NGN and NGA networks (Next Generation Networks, Next Generation Access). It combines four twelve-fibre stranded loose tubes, available in either single-mode or multimode fibre, with two stranded copper wires. Thanks to a small external diameter of only 6.5 mm the cable can be retrofitted into existing empty duct systems as well as blown into long sections of microduct system.

The mini hybrid cable with its additional stranded copper wires (0.50 mm2) is particularly suitable for use in security-sensitive areas. In FTTx networks it is a cost-effective alternative to installing two different types of cable and can provide an option for house connections, say for an emergency supply to fire service telephones in the event of a power failure. It enables power to be supplied to active remote technology such as street cabinets, emergency telephones, smart grids or data centres, and allows the remote monitoring of connection technology such as cable couplers, distribution frames and access control systems. Once installed it is also easy to locate from ground level.

Two coloured, easily identifiable ripcords mean that the cable sheath can be safely opened, and installation is simplified by dry core interstices which facilitates easy assembly and removal.

The FO Outdoor wbKT Micro Combi complies with all the requirements of IEC 60794-1-2 in respect of lateral pressure, impact, repeated bending and torsion.

Datwyler developed the new cable with reference to the "Catalogue of Safety Requirements for the Operation of Telecommunications and Data Processing Systems and for the Processing of Personal Data in accordance with § 109 of the German Telecommunications Act (TKG)". The Catalogue, effective since May 2013, was drawn up by the German Federal Network Agency in consultation with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. 

The new cable will be available in bulk from September onwards.