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Turnkey fibre optic distribution stations

Datwyler supplies complete one-stop solutions for FTTH and TC networks

3 jun 2012

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As a provider of innovative complete solutions for FTTx networks, Datwyler supplies turnkey fibre optic distribution stations to municipal utilities, power supply companies and city carriers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the Scandinavian states. Network operators get reliable PoPs (Points of Presence) in the version they want from a single source, fully equipped with all the technical facilities and systems required.

Datwyler makes the PoPs in close collaboration with certified specialist partner companies. Once produced, the fully equipped stations are transported to the relevant site and set up. The operator can then immediately start terminating fibre optic links in order to establish the requisite connections promptly. This avoids the unnecessary coordination work and delays which can easily occur in FTTx and TC projects when several installers or suppliers are present.  Datwyler will also carry out on-site splicing work if requested.

The distribution stations are made from concrete. They can be supplied in different sizes, depending on the number of connections needed, and with exterior facades individually designed to blend in with the respective site environment. The technical equipment comprises optical distribution frames (ODF) as required, with pre-assembled patch panels and pigtails if requested, in addition to lighting and emergency lighting, various safety devices such as access control, alarm system and fire extinguishing system, and an air conditioning unit. The scope of supply also includes the electrical installation with an emergency power system, an electrical distribution panel, a static uninterruptable power supply (UPS) with backup battery, together with cable runs and/or cable routing ducts.