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Raiffeisenbank Surselva in Ilanz: FTTO – taking fibre into the office

1 mar 2015

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At its new site in Ilanz Raiffeisenbank Surselva is using a Datwyler communication network installed as a “Fibre-to-the-Office” solution. Having fibre optics in the office means that the bank is best equipped for any extensions to its network and for future technologies.

Die Raiffeisenbank Surselva has built a modern new residential and commercial block in Ilanz/Glion. The new company site in the Swiss canton of Graubünden extends over two of the building’s five floors and parts of the basement. Among other things it includes a welcoming customer lobby and offices for the 16 staff members currently employed.

When it came to selecting a suitable communications cabling system the decision was made to go for a fibre optic system from Datwyler. This was installed as a Fibre-to-the-Office solution on the bank’s premises. The high-performance fibre optic connections are terminated in flexibly usable floor boxes near the workstations, on mini switches that serve as media converters. In addition to power sockets the switches in the floor boxes provide users with plenty of standard RJ45 connections for PCs, printers, telephones, projectors and other devices.

“There is simply no argument when instead of a lot of thick copper data cables you can use thin fibre optic cables which provide a high degree of investment security into the bargain,” explained Bank Manager Gabriel Casutt. “Having fibre optics in the office means that we are best equipped for any extensions to our network and for future technologies.”

The easy-to-install special Datwyler cables, which were developed for FTTH in-house cabling, are of stranded loose tube design with an external diameter of only 2.8 millimetres. The halogen-free, flame-retardant sheath is still robust enough to protect the fibres under tough installation conditions, for instance when running them into duct systems which are already in use.

The bank’s voice-over-IP telephones were integrated into the new network in the final days before the move. “Network operation has been absolutely stable since then,” says Gabriel Casutt. Gion Neuwirth of local company Derungs AG, the project leader in charge, also reports positive results: “Punctual delivery, excellent product quality and support beforehand and on site: cooperation with Datwyler was perfect right to the end.”