Elegant High-Speed Rail Adapter

Datwyler offers new rail-mounted device for RJ45 Keystone modules

17 may 2011

Csm Daetwyler REG Adapter 6b815bc814

For industrial data applications as well as for building automation and small private and office networks Datwyler now offers a new IP20 protection class rail adapter, designed to take one RJ45 Keystone module. The new rail-mounted device, which fits onto any 35mm standard rail with a click, features substantial design improvements which set it apart from other models. In addition to visual aspects – for example the side covers for insertion as required, the anti-dust flap and the front labelling area – these include comfortable access and the elegant closure mechanism, both of which considerably simplify and speed up module installation.

Without side covers the new rail adapter supplied by Datwyler is 18 millimetres wide and comes singly or in packs of 50. It takes a large number of screened and unscreened RJ45 module types including the new Category 6A KS-T Plus and MS-K Plus modules, Category 7/7A PS GG45, and KS-T 6A, KS, KU-T and KU modules. It can be flipped wide open with a finger and closed again with a click once the module is clipped in. When it is fitted an integrated grounding spring makes the connection between module housing and the rail.

The adapter can be moved along the rail and mounted in rows. When several units are fitted in rows only two side covers are needed to terminate them and ensure class IP20 protection. It is easy to remove the adapter from the rail again at any time simply by prying it off with a screwdriver.