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Datwyler Cabling Solutions continues to invest in production in Switzerland and China

3 jul 2013

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Over the next twelve months Dätwyler Cabling Solutions AG will be investing around 10 million Swiss francs – 8.1 million euros – in fibre optic production facilities, around half of this in the Altdorf (Switzerland) site and half in the new Taicang site in China, which the company will be commissioning in 2014.

An infinite amount of data is being sent around the world twenty four hours a day. In the past ten years the worldwide bandwidth requirement for data communication has increased over tenfold. Ever higher bandwidths are needed for watching television and making telephone calls over the Internet as well as for many other modern Web applications – and this is a steeply upward trend. Fibre optic cables are the ideal medium for transmitting these huge amounts of data.

27 years ago on the Altdorf site Datwyler was one of the first Swiss companies to begin producing fibre optic cable, and Datwyler has been manufacturing in China for 15 years now. Datwyler Cabling Solutions intends using these many years of know-how to profit from the rapidly growing demand for fibre optic cable. To this end the company will be investing a further 10 million Swiss francs in its fibre optic cable production facilities.

In Altdorf the modernisation of fibre optic cable fabrication ties up seamlessly with the on-going investment programme. Since 2011 roughly 30 million Swiss francs – around 24.3 million euros – have been invested in the Swiss cable plant: by the end of 2013 17 million will have gone into modernisation and the acquisition of new production facilities, 13 million into renewing the building infrastructure. Investment produces more efficient, more highly automated systems and optimised procedures and processes, which means that the Altdorf site will remain competitive, even in a challenging international environment. 

In future Datwyler Cabling Solutions will operate two centres of excellence for the production of fibre optic cables: the technologically sophisticated cables for outdoor use will be fabricated exclusively in Altdorf, while the personnel-intensive cables for indoor applications will be manufactured and assembled in Datwyler’s new plant in Taicang. Datwyler Cabling Solutions can thus utilise the specific strengths of both sites and increase its global competitiveness.