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Trunk cables now also with LCDU

Data centre portfolio expanded

28 jul 2022

News 2022 07 Trunks LCDU

To complete our range of data centre cabling solutions, Datwyler is expanding the portfolio by single mode and multimode trunk cables with 12 to 96 fibres and LC Duplex Uniboot connectors (LCDU). All the cables are assembled using Intelli-Cross® Pro connectors so as to meet the high quality requirements in data centres.

LCDU connectors are used as an alternative to MTP connectors, particularly in small installations where fibre densities are not so high. By comparison with traditional trunks having simplex breakouts, trunks with LCDU are only around half the diameter and have half as many breakouts. In addition, the purchase and installation of an LC breakout cabling solution is more cost-effective – as is maintenance, because the expensive cleaning needed for the MTP infrastructure is not required for LC cabling.

Datwyler’s DCS-LCDU trunk cables are used mainly for connecting two FO-DCS or HD-DCS breakout plug-in modules (cassettes).

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