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Intelligent lighting control via the data network

9 mar 2018

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A key topic at the moment is the intelligent, interconnected and hence energy-efficient use of smart building technologies.

For example, sensor-based LED lights can be switched and controlled by power supplied via the data cabling. This technology is replacing traditional electrical connections and complex bus systems. Temperature, brightness and presence can be detected by the intelligent sensors and in turn supplied as real-time data for energy-saving “smart” buildings systems.

We’ll show you how it works in a live demo on our light+building stand. The system is based on the KS-T Plus RJ45 module, which even today meets the requirements of future Standard 4PPoE, and on our CU 7080 4P data cable.

We would also be happy to update you on the effect of shielding, heating and copper data cable conductor cross-sections in relation to PoE.