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Business & Human Rights Accelerator

Promoting human rights, establishing processes

27 mar 2024

News 2024 03 Business Human Rights Accelerator

Respecting human rights by providing safe, fair working conditions and a healthy working environment should be at the very top of every company’s agenda. Participation in the international “Business & Human Rights Accelerator” programme is helping Datwyler IT Infra to fulfil this responsibility.

With the aid of the UN Global Compact’s six-month programme companies are being enabled to make their business practices consistent with human rights and to accept responsibility for individuals along the value creation chain. A company’s business activities impact many people both directly and indirectly – from its own staff through to its suppliers and customers.

The Business & Human Rights Accelerator teaches participants how to strengthen their human rights due diligence through targeted training, counselling, individual work activities and peer learning sessions. 

In these six months Datwyler aims to draw up an action plan for even more effectively translating newly acquired knowledge into practical measures. This is the next important step in developing our sustainable business approach.