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Today, modern communications networks are so efficient that there is no problem even in public buildings with integrating the majority of all applications into a single ICT infrastructure (network convergence): from data and multimedia applications through stationary and mobile communication systems to monitoring and control tasks.

A universally applicable network creates high-level synergy effects and cuts costs whether it is at an individual work station, hotspot, technical services room or server room. It interlinks a variety of digital input and output units: PCs and laptops, cameras, touch screens, image screens and cash tills. 

By integrating centrally controlled building automation, the communications network makes possible continuous monitoring of room use, automatic control of lighting and shading,heating and cooling as well as monitoring of the associated energy consumption. Thus, it does not only provide greater convenience but also saves on energy. 

Communications cabling – just like the supply of energy – needs to be sufficiently flexible to be adapted rapidly to new, spatial or technical requirements, for example when the use of a room is changed or when there is a need for a higher bandwidth. With Datwyler you will find system solutions tailored to your needs that meet all requirements.

Universally applicable networks for public buildings

We can also supply innovative solutions for listed buildings. These will help you to comply with the protection conditions and still enable you to set up efficient and safe electrical infrastructures. After all, the work must still go on! For example, cables with small bending radii are used for communications cabling. Alternatively, pre-assembled multiple (trunk) cables, tested before leaving the works, are laid. This makes installation considerably easier. Our building automation systems and safety cabling equipment also have technical features which are designed to make installation quick, flexible and economic.

In public buildings even technology that is visible must be designed attractively. Examples of this are the connection sockets which Datwyler provides in a wide range of forms and colours. For ease of identification, they have spaces for labeling and can optionally be fitted later with coloured dust protection caps.

Naturally, Datwyler supplies only halogen-free products which meet all European REACH and ROHS materials requirements.