Finance and leasing

Financiación y arrendamiento financiero

Quite often the necessary investment in a data centre and data network infrastructure hangs in the balance because of financial considerations. What seems to make sense from a business perspective and to represent the best solution from a technical point of view can break the budget or just cannot be financed due to lack of liquidity.

The Datwyler Financing and Leasing service takes account of this fact. It assists you in converting major one-off investments (CAPEX) into affordable regular expenditure (OPEX). This means that your funds are available for other more urgent priorities. You can continue to pursue your digitisation strategy with a financing partner at your side to support the upgrading of your IT infrastructure in sync with business requirements.

Datwyler’s Financing and Leasing service package comprises:

  • Predefined leasing/financing options, flexible in terms of contract scope and period
  • Special contractual models, tailored to data centre or data network turnkey installation requirements
  • Fast straightforward processing, timed to coordinate with project installation
  • Partnership with reputable reliable leasing/financing experts
  • Fair terms and entry conditions

This service offering is restricted to new installations implemented by Datwyler. In the project planning phase, the Datwyler project manager will also submit financing options on request. These will be matched to the special requirements of the project by Datwyler and the financing partner.