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Be convinced at first glance

It is true, the first impression will always be the most important. You may enter your office reception area with a new prospective customer, and wonder how your colleagues have so quickly managed to make the necessary alterations to demonstrate your new products. In the past, it has taken several weeks just to decide whether your in-house electrician or your external service provider would make these changes for you!

Today, this can all be done in blink of an eye! Your in-house electrician has utilized the new connections and cables which have been installed within the suspended ceilings. Digital signage screens are connected via WLAN access points. Even some light settings have been installed at short notice to further emphasize the new product range.

You are as impressed as your customer is!

It had certainly been the right decision to install the new cabling infrastructure. This way, it is possible to use the reception area for future product demonstrations. The design elements of the last demonstration are still available and it is possible to replicate them anywhere without delay …