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You arrive at your hotel on a business trip, a long way from home. You receive a smart card, the lift automatically takes you to the right floor, the light in the corridor discreetly switches itself on, and the door to your room opens smoothly. The TV welcomes you in your own language and displays the restaurant menu. A glance at the touch panel, a few brief taps, and the air conditioning is set to a comfortable level, the lighting is right, and you can access hotel information, download a film, even reserve a table. And your favourite music plays while you freshen up in the bathroom …

This isn’t just a dream! New technologies and modern infrastructure concepts have long been standard in many hotels. As a hotel or resort contractor or operator you need to find the right solutions, both in new buildings and in renovations. 

The demands on hotels and resorts are growing – mainly due to modern technologies and new user habits. Operators may also decide to alter existing rooms and spaces and use them differently. Standards and specifications change over time. For a building to keep pace with these changes, the electrical and communication infrastructure must still be compatible with developments in 25 years’ time. This can also be an important factor in determining the value when the property is sold.

To make investments in infrastructure count, the property must operate cost-effectively. Guests who want greater comfort are not automatically incompatible with sustainable cost reduction.

Let us show you how modern infrastructure concepts can help you to reduce operating costs and remain flexible in the long term. Datwyler solutions will enable you to optimise administration, offer high-quality communication and entertainment, improve monitoring and control, increase security standards, guarantee a reliable energy supply to all systems and devices, monitor and rationalise energy consumption, and link, visualise and control all technical building functions and maintenance work.

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